The collection is inspired and is interpretation of old sailor wear and clothes our grand parents would have work when they were young. The collection os a story of “my” grandpa who sailed the seas and experienced the world with … Read More

BLOKE – Allow Us to be Different

    [restrict … ]  BLOKE, by Faith Oluwajimi, is a knitwear brand from Nigeria. Photography by Osho Babajide IG-_babajideLayout and Art Direction by VERNA.CULAR @verna.cularStyling : Faith Oluwajimi IG-faitholuwajimiModel : Osho Olamilekan IG-_olamilekanClothes : BLOKE IG-bloke_ng from their MASKED HOLES … Read More


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In my last collection ‘Hollywood Forever’, inspired by Hollywood’s broken dreams, suburbia Royal Trux and Frances Farmer, By [ FASHION FANZINE ] Maria Soromenho All images courtesy of Maria Soromenho I’ve always been really interested in clothes, not making them specifically but creating costumes/personas … Read More

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