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Hillary Clinton

An activist Wellesley girl, a lawyer, working with children’s rights, and managed the 1980s and 90s without any major fashion bloopers.. This woman is a champion.

Text Julie Nordtømme
Illustration Jenny Jordahl

The US elections are coming up, so it’s only appropriate that we put a spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s badassness.

If you have a minute or two (read: need something worthwhile to procrastination read at work while your boss is on a break) have a proper look on Wikipedia at all the brilliant stuff she’s done in her life. Seriously, how has she had the time? This woman is a champion. And possibly not fully human: from being an activist Wellesley girl, to a lawyer, to working with children’s rights, basically co-presidenting during her husband’s presidency, to running for president twice, there are no holes in Hillary’s CV.  Also, she is no doubt the ultimate Queen of the Pantsuit, and managed the 1980s and 90s without any major fashion bloopers. Seriously. Respect.

Why is she a Badass Blonde?

First off, since this is a Fashion magazine, we have a Vogue review of Hillary’s many styles and looks (click on through to the SHINY ORANGE PANTSUIT. Holy crap, who pulls that off with panache. I repeat, not fully human.

And hair. And remember, this was the 80s and 90s. In that context this is class (which really does say somethingabout 80s and 90s hair styles, to be honest).

Hillarys hair!

Now, I’m adding this link just to illustrate how COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS all this focus on this highly professional political person’s looks is. Here we see famous designers like Zac Posen, Donna Karan, Oscar De La Renta use her as a frickin paper doll. Ralph Lauren even puts her in a leopard print beret, which should never be done without consent. Or even with, come to think of it. 

Now we get to the good stuff. She once met Martin Luther King y’all! I wanna meet Martin Luther King.  All the jealous, right here.

She was pretty badass. She graduated with honours (BA political science), and became the first Wellesley student in history to deliver its commence address. Which got a 7 minute standing ovation. And then she spent the summer working her way across Alaska, washing dishes and sliming salmon (whatever that is). (Y’know, as we all do for summer funzies.)

And then she went to Yale Law School. Elle Woods has nothing on this Legally Blonde badass.

Before the Clintons entered the White House, she had the higher salary. Then she started trading cattle futures contracts, making a mint.

In the White House she pretty much co-presidented, being the first First Lady to have an office in the West Wing instead of the East Wing. She’s seen as the most empowered First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt. Media kept comparing her to Lady Macbeth. Yes, exactly: any woman sharing decision making processes with her husband has to be a creepy megalomaniac. Durr.

And then she was US Secretary of State after losing the presidential run to Obama. Would be cool if she made it this time. She does seem like the absolutely least obnoxious candidate, no?

Say what you will about her husband: ex-president Clinton at least had decent taste in women. When we get to Badass Brunettes, Monica Lewinsky will be first up. That is a woman with backbone.

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