Debate – What! Gender Diversity? A child’s game.

A Childs Game.


What! Gender Diversity? A child’s game.

As a responce to BBC article:

‘I’m a non-binary 10-year-old’

“Leo is 10 year old and, after living most of his life as a girl, has decided that he is both masculine and feminine.”

Text Gunnar Tufta
Illustration Fashion Fanzine

I believe strongly in people’s freedoms to define themselves and be who they are, and want to be.

Without a degree in child psychology, or children of my own, my tool in writing this is what I believe used to be called common sense.

I see a world of social media and information overload, a space where it is increasingly difficult to be seen, be special and noticed.

With this In mind I just read about the 10 year old child “Leo” that defined herself non-binary.


Connecting a 10 year old child’s play to a increasingly strange gender debate, seems unnatural. In a world of overloaded information should kids not be allowed to be kids at the age of 10?



Leo seemed like a great child with healthy intellectual capacity. Playing games in her mind about a male/female identity, a sign of this curiosity and intellectual capacity. I think the interest in feminine and masculine qualities are not necessarily conflicting.

I’m however not sure it is healthy to take this play seriously as defining non-binary at this age. It must be natural for a child to discover and explore feminine/masculine qualities without changing gender.

If a child gets attention for a specific behaviour, will this not encourage the behaviour receiving attention?

In order to receive further attention?

She also states that the gender is not even the most important thing about her, let it stay that way.

Allow this free curiosity to stay play where they can learn about themselves, their personality, learn skills, learn about the world and relations to others, play with cars and dolls, do sports and read books, write poems, paint and draw. Let Leo and all other children be free to develop personalities with child’s play, with other children and not serious games inside the mind.

Isn’t it normal for kids to play dress up without making it an issue of who they are, even what gender they are?

If a child plays alien or nurse does that also define them?

The given name is a gift and symbol from the parents. Telling who they think you are and who they want you to be. There is a world of nicknames for play and development, Leo makes a great one.

Gender is, and should stay, biological. There is also a biological third option.

At a appropriate age change biology, but allow children to play and be children without the confusion of defining gender.

Let our personality stay what defines who we are.

 Fashion is a great tool in expressing this..

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12 Responses

  1. Mikey Guy

    I think new age children can assimilate complex information at this time, more correctly than we thought they can some years ago.

    But, even if they can understand now better terms, it’s a fact they don’t have to worry right now on gender issues, at least not until they grow up to really think about it. Let the children be children.

  2. Abr411

    Children need to focus on their personal identity rather than their gender identity. If a little girl is trying to discover who she is, let her do it! but not leave her alone, give her advice and help her. I do not think it necessary to create a new "kind of sexual gender" or something like that, because it's just a person discovering herself and everyone, ever go through it. Leo is about "their" personality not "their" biological gender.

  3. Liva

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  4. Davidalva

    I think you should let children be and grow up beeing the way they want (without taking out discipline or ethical values) in order to get a good childhood without any repression . Children shouldn't be able to take drastical decision like gender transsition because it is like getting a tattoo, its forever and there is no way to go back, but they have to recieve a correct education about the importance of being yourself and that they will be able to take their own personal decisions in the future.

  5. Vethanae

    I think it is important for children to discover who they are for themselves, we always focus on dividing everything by gender, he, she, and generate things that differentiate them from each other; Carts for children, dolls for girls. What if a girl likes to play with cars? Or do you prefer to go out and play with mud to play with dolls? What would happen, would be that of rare do not lower it; Because she is a girl, and a girl should not do that, or at least that is what many think. However there would be nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong with being or thinking differently, if he / she knows who he is.

  6. Children are able to choose and can bend the genre they prefer, we are free to choose.

  7. JaviMtz

    Is not a bad thing to express who we are and discover it, we all are human beings and that's all that matters, even when we dress different or look different we all are connected by the same feelings, fashion is a great way to express ourselves and at the end is just clothes that we can take all off, it's ok to let them discover the person they want to be, we just need to support and be there for them, as they are for us, at the end nobody is the same and that's whats makes it interesting and beautiful to living.

  8. I think that in the actuallity we are all free to think and make decisions. Also of expressing what we feel and how we feel or are. Each one will act acording to the teachings and values that instilled in us from childhood. Everyone is free to act andfeel as they see fit.

  9. Elías García

    I think that everything we are cannot be defined by a name, a tag, or a gender. Even when we have all these social conventions since long time ago, It's time to give the children the right to decide -not who they "are"- but who they want to be; what they want to lead their lives; the games they will play and the choices they will take.

    It is true that we have to guide our children to grow up as healthy and happy adults (i'm not a father yet, but i hope to encourage my future children with that kind of security), but the key word here is "guiding", not controlling. I believe it's time for us to rethink what do we always wanted to be 15 or 17 years ago, so we can focus on what do we really want for our children to be.

  10. Puri Méndez

    The author's got a good point by saying that children can play "like a boy" when they're a girl or vice versa, and it's true that they maybe don't understand about stereotypes at all. But I also think that no one should deny the possibility of a child being a non-binary person, because by closing that door to the kid it might affect their self-confidence and feel like there's something wrong with them. So I say we should let them just be, and we need to be supportive, eventually they'll understand better how they feel about themselves and who they are.

  11. Kiba

    I think we should support children with their identity discovery without making it an issue or something that doesn't matter now just because they're childs, they're still young and it's easy to get confused at their age. Yes, they still have things to learn, but if they don't feel comfortable with themselves, as adults it's our duty to help them to understand what are they feeling.

  12. Miguel vargas

    I think that this article is very interesting because give us a different perspective about the gender and how the new generations see it, generating a contrast between old beliefs. Also is important because is addressed with many freedom breacking paradigms.

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