Want to be crucial part of the fashion industry? Are you had working and looking for a exciting career?



Here’s our top tips!


– STEP 1 –

Set up your profile on Make sure you fill in all your personal details accurately in your profile.

– If you are under 18 ask your parents permission. (Always visit any appointments test shoots with an accompanying parent, guardian or trusted adult.)

– Young aspiring models needs guidance. It can be a tough industry and we advice parents to take an active and supportive part.

And a career in fashion is highly rewarding, you get to share the journey!


– STEP 2 –

What type of modelling are you suited to?

– Not everyone are built to be a high fashion model. There can still be a highly rewarding and exciting career for you!


– STEP 3 –

Build your portfolio.

 – Make a portfolio with your images.

– At least one headshot and one full length photo. Naturally styled and no makeup/hats/sunglasses.

– No Selfies, ask a friend or family to photograph you.

– Natural poses, no “duckface” or pouting.

– Fitting clothes to show your build, bikini shots are not needed.

There is no need to start with paid professional shots. Model agents are highly skilled at judging talent and want to see you in the natural way you are.


– STEP 4 –

Enter our model competitions.

– The Weekly Fashion Fanzine competitiosn starts Monday and ends on Sunday. Voting is open throughout.

Only FF members are allowed a vote, but membership is free and anyone are welcome to join.


– STEP 5 –

Keep up to date with our events, model calls and castings.


– STEP 6 –

Keep your portfolio updated with recent images.

– Reach out to the talented Photographers and stylists in the community to build a quality portfolio.


– STEP 7 –

We only work with the most reputable agencies and only promote contact with these.


– STEP 8 –

Love your work!

– Be confident, be versatile and be yourself! Make sure to behave professional and live a healthy lifestyle!

– Everyone you meet are working their hardest to make the best images, be nice and work hard!

– Conquer the exciting World of High Fashion


FASHION FANZINE is hosting model competitions.

As a social fashion platform we are hosting opportunities to get discovered and develop your portfolio.

With our close working relations to the biggest model agencies in the fashion industries we are a natural place for the right talent to get discovered.

* Fashion Fanzine is built to be a friendly, safe and passionate fashion community, where communications are friendly and posts are positive.

If we have missed abusive images, comments or posts, please reach out to any of the staff directly or let us know in the Private Support Forums.

Reputable Model agencies in the fashion industry will never ask for nude photos or take payment for their representation.

If you have been approached by an agent and have doubts, make sure to do proper research.

[ Fashion Fanzone’s Model Competitions ]


The community will decide by assigning their likes to their favourite contestant.

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