Andrew James

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Andrew James

New York Model Management

Photographer – Gunnar Tufta + Makeup – Allison Brooke  + Hair – Jenni Wimmerstedt














Andrew James

Instagram: @frandojames

Twitter: @franceezee






When did you start your career as a model?


I started with a few jobs here and there in Portland after my freshman year in college, but began taking it more seriously when I signed in New York four months ago.


Why did you want to be a model?


I fell into it through working as an Assistant Camera back home, and decided it would be a great op to meet more creatives and see the world of fashion up close.


How do you spend your time when not working?


Travelling and shooting videos with my team, whether it be music videos in Vancouver with D. Worthy and The Incorporated, or an interview for Portland mag Eyes+Edge. The Northwest has something to say! 


Favourite Shoot?


I play a greaser in an upcoming webseries, Cathedral Park. It’s directed by Travis Blue and shot by my mentor Corey Drayton. It should be out later this year, keep yo eyes peeled!


Worst shoot?


My first shoot was for a small class at a community college. One guy stood there for a few minutes describing an incredibly specific scene that I was supposed to envision and portray through my face.  Something about a boat on the Mediterranean Sea, a Rolling Stone cover, Annie Liebowitz, all the while gyrating my hips? I was like, “Oh, for sure man…”  and posed awkwardly. I think I used his picture for my yearbook in the end, so props to that guy I suppose.


Favourite magazine?


Eyes+Edge all day! It’s all about the youth culture of the Northwest, highlighting various creatives and happenings of the area, as well as stories around the country.


Favourite Designer?


The Incorporated is for sure my favorite. Mark is a visionary, he pulls inspiration from all corners of the conscious of our generation and puts it together in the dopest way possible. Definitely the most creative dude I know, he’s miles ahead of the game.


What is your favourite band right now?


D. Worthy and X are my favorite rappers and Deadbrainz is my favorite producer. Check em on Soundcloud! 


What is your “guilty pleasure”-music? 


Lowkey, Abba has some bangers. And I produce on the side too…


What is your favourite city?


Prague. It’s a second home, I love my family there. My grandma spoils me with kingly meals, and there’s always something exciting to do.


Book/movie/event that changed your life?


It might be the same for many others, but I’d have to say Fight Club. Totally changed my preference on shower products.


Where are you in 5 years


Meeting people all over the world and gaining new perspectives of life. 

































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