Robbie Davidson

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Robbie Davidson

New York Model Management

Photographer – Gunnar Tufta + Makeup – Allison Brooke  + Hair – Jenni Wimmerstedt











Robbie Davidson

IG: mrrobbiedavidson

When did you start your career as a model?

I started my career as a model when I was 17 years old.  I was working at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio called The Refectory and a scout from Ford Chicago came in one night to eat and scouted me for the agency.  And so the modeling career began.

Why did you want to be a model?

To be honest modeling was not on my radar at all before I got scouted.  I am very involved in music and acting and have been for a while.  I was more so pursuing a career in those things but modeling has fit hand in hand with those pursuits and has been a great avenue to pursue as well.

How is it different to work in NY compared to LA?

New York definitely has way more of a market for modeling in my opinion.  LA, for me, has been a lot of e-comm which is great and consistent work but New York has a lot more fashion going on which I love.

How do you spend your time when not working?

When not working I keep a pretty consistent schedule, it’s how I function best.  Every morning I work out and then rehearse for different things during the day.  Whether it is writing music, memorizing a script for an audition, or reading book I always like to be doing something to increase my knowledge in some way.  Don’t like standing still!

Favourite Shoot?

My favorite shoot so far would probably be the one I did with Brian Jamie.  His photos are incredible and he has such a great energy on set.  Makes you feel very comfortable and also gives great direction while shooting.  He, in my opinion, is one of the up and coming ‘Power Player’ photographers in NYC so it was very exciting to shoot with him.

Worst shoot?

 Not at a point in my career where I can say 😉


Favourite magazine?

Favorite magazine right now would have to be ODDA. They come out with beautiful, very well done editorials.  Love seeing their work.


Favourite Designer

Paul Smith. His suits are so classy and always fit me like a glove. Would wear them every day if it were socially acceptable.


Favourite photographer

Horst Diekgerdes


What is your favourite band right now?


What is your “guilty pleasure”-music? 

Guilty pleasure music would definitely be songs from musicals. The soundtrack from ‘Newsies’ is my current favorite.

What is your favourite city?

Favorite city is my home, Los Angeles.


Book/movie/event that changed your life?

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness’ by Timothy Keller.  Completely changed my mentality/outlook on life


Where are you in 5 years

 In 5 years I hope to still be apart of this industry and consistently working.  Also hopefully by then I have done some major traveling around the world, definitely one of my goals!


















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