Tyler Recher

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Photographer - Gunnar Tufta + Makeup - Chichi Saito @ art dept for MAC Cosmetics  + Hair - Naoko Suzuki @ Vu salon NYC + Makup ass. Yukiko yazama





Tyler Recher


When did you start your career as a model?

I was scouted off instagram a few days after my 20th birthday so it's been exactly a year.

Why did you want to be a model?

I didn't expect I would become a model I was just givin the opportunity and I had the balls to take it.

What would be your perfect acting role?

I would like to play a vampire/werewolf type role and or a spy.

Did you consider going pro with skating?

I mean when I first started skating when I was younger I thought that I could try but it didn't quite work out.

How do you combine the skating and modelling?

I just try to get a lot of shots skateboarding so that way if it's in my book it helps me to book skateboarding type company work like Pacsun and stuff like that.

Favourite Shoot?

Favorite shoot had to be one of my first ones which was the fall crooks and castles look book I have a shooting on a Mercedes Gullwing it was by far the biggest shoot I did it was a lot of people on set.

Favourite magazine?

My favorite magazine is GQ because they're always up-to-date on the latest styles and it's a good guide to base one's personal style off of.

Favourite Designer?

When it comes to designers I really dig Givenchy.

Favourite photographer??

My favorite photographers are probably Mert and Marcus.

What is your favourite band right now?

Favorite band would have to be the Arctic Monkeys.

What is your "guilty pleasure"-music? 

And my guilty pleasure music is The Weekend don't judge.

What is your favourite city?

Los Angeles all the way baby!

Book/movie that changed your life?

The book that changed my life would probably be the holy Bible.

Where are you in 5 years?

Hopefully somewhere nice making a lot of money..


















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