Besa Tafari

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Besa Tafari

New York Model Management

Photographer – Gunnar Tufta + Makeup – Chichi Saito @ art dept for MAC Cosmetics  + Hair – Ty Shearn + Stylist – Marcus John











Besa Tafari

IG:BesaTafari – Twitter:BesaTafari

When did you start your career as a model?

I started my career 3 years ago.

Why did you want to be a model?

My dominant creative side of me craves for moments of expression.. It’s art , modelling for me is art and the honour of being part of designers Art craft and sprinkle some of my own.. It’s a pleasure!

What would you do if you where not modelling?

I would probably design, and keep recording music! My biggest goal in life is to connect with as many people as possible and share knowledge and fill the world with art!

How is it different to work in NY compared to Scandinavia?

The energy is different, the way people work is different which constantly gives you inspiration!

How do you spend your time when not working?

I take long walks, I love cooking and experimenting with food – because I’m a vegan its kind of like a blank canvas that you can play around with!

Favourite Shoot?

Paper Magazine with Bon Duke

Worst Shoot?

For a designer/campaign that had Nothing planed out, sometimes models are more experienced and know more then the set- that sucks! Cause you end up waiting and watching incompetent people screwing up something that easily can be beautiful!

Favourite magazine?

Love MagazineFatman MagazinePapermagazine

Favourite Designer

Ricardo Tisci and some more…

Favourite photographer

I have many favourite photographers – but Bon Duke from NYC has an amazing energy which makes you want to explore and explode with your body and expressions. All of a sudden ur not a model- but an result of the energy that comes from the other end of the camera.. A ball of art creating together!

What is your favourite band right now?

I don’t have a favourite band but one of my favourite underground artist is Spooky Black.

What is your City?


Book/movie/Event that changed your life?

Matrix is definitely the movie that changed my life. It’s like we have information trapped in our cell’s and when we feed them with right information something happends .. Brings you a higher awareness and that helps you understand and accept things In a different way. Matrix is a movie filled with truth.

Where are you in 5 years

I’ll be in my spaceship looking down at the people Rebuilding the world and making it free, just like it needs to be.. openess & unity

If that doesn’t happen – I will probably keep making music and art.. Fill my life with all of the things that makes me complete!


















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