Elen Santiago

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Elen Santiago


Major Model Management

Photographer – Gunnar Tufta + Makeup – Chichi Saito @ art dept for MAC Cosmetics  + Hair – Kiyo Igarashi











Elen Santiago


When did you start your career as a model?

I start in my hometown 5 years ago. But professional just 2 years and half when I moved out to São Paulo.

Why did you want to be a model?

In the beginning I didn’t want…but my friend that was a model convinced me to start and I did. After this decided become a model.

How is it different to work in NY compared to Brazil?

New York City is the best city to work for me. In Brazil unfortunately the black girls don’t work too much like in NYC. The market there like more of more white girls specially the blond ones.

How do you spend your time when not working?

I’m really passionate about art. So I like to go to museums to see my favorites exhibitions. Also I love drawing, i stopped for a while and now i started again.

Favourite Shoot?

Was shoot for Victoria Secret sport

Favourite magazine?

Vogue and Elle.

Favourite Designer

Karl Lagerfeld, Ricardo Tisci, Nicholas Guesquierre e Vitorino Campos (from Brazil)

Favourite photographer

Steven Meisel, Mario Testino and Tato Beline (from Brazil)

What is your favourite band right now?

Legião Urbana  (from Brazil)

What is your “guilty pleasure”-music? 

Worst behavior – Drake

What is your favourite city?

New York City

Book/movie that changed your life?

The bible

Where are you in 5 years

Is really hard to say because the life it’s a really a surprise. But I still wanna stay in NYC working hard being recognized through my jobs and doing the things that I love to do.





















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