Nete Rahbek

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Nete Rahbek

RED NYC Model Management

Photographer – Gunnar Tufta + Makeup – Chichi Saito @ art dept for MAC Cosmetics  + Hair – Naoko Suzuki @ Vu salon NYC + Nails – Naoko Saita













Nete Rahbek





When did you start your career as a model?

I got scouted first time when I was 16 years old. I was to young to travel alone at that age and mom wanted me to finish my school and so I did. I forgot about modeling for a while and concentrated about my school. I got scouted again around 4 years ago, I was done with my edication and I wanted to go out and taste the world.

My first trip was to Asia and I dident take a break sinch that.


Why did you want to be a model? 

I actually never planned to become a model… I always ben very, very skinny and finaly I felt home in a world where it’s okay to look like me. I felt in love with traveling, explore new cultures, develop my self and meet creative people in the industry. I started enjoy doing modeling mostley because it’s like acting, every job you do, you are a new character. You never really know what the next day will bring you or what kinda role you have to play or where you are going next. I love that feeling. Also I’m thankfull that I got the chance to meet so many amazing people and live so many different places.



How do you spend your time when not working? 

Sinch I travel a lot I dont see my friends from my mother country that often so I enjoy talking with them on the phone when I have the time, I’m never homesick sinch I feel they are always with me somehow. I like to get lost in new places – to get lost and take photos of everything and nothing, I dont do gym but I walk around to I cant feel my legs. I love to spend hours on finding music. I like to meet new people, learn about there cultures, go out and dance and eat good food.


Favourite Shoot?

That’s a hard one I did a lot of awesome shoots with amazing people… I really love to shoot with my photographer friends, that is actually what I enjoy the most. No matter how proffesional they are, if it’s MUA, stylist or photographers I love working with my friends in the industry. I always love to do location shootings aswell.

I think one of my favourite jobs was in a dessert area in Turkey, we were 8 models who all more less knew each other and an amazing team. Even though we were shooting for 16 hours straight and we were tired, when the sun came up we were all sharing the magic moment of the sunset over the mountains, family feeling and a very, very happy client.


Worst shoot?

I never ben a  huge fan of shooting summer collections in the winther and winter collections in the summer…

I think my worst shoot was with a big photographer who dident speak  any english, I was a new face and very nervous sinch I knew she was a very big photographer. I was sick that day but I did the job sinch she had to travel right after, I had to wear very high heels for many hours in a tiny outfit in a freezing studio (wish is normal for models but hard if you are sick), I dident really know how to pose back then and she forced me to do crazy yoga poses for hours and hours in her own language with out any break. We couldent communicat at all and I almost broke my leg on that shoot. Today I know how to handle those shoots hehe. 

Oh, and I fainted ones in Paris shooting fur collection in the sun, that wasent funny neigher. 


Favourite magazine?

I prefere to watch documentaries.

But I do love V magazine!


Favourite Designer

For the ladies: Balmain

For the gents: Alexandre Plokhov and YSL


Favourite photographer

Emre Ünal, Amy Troost and Richard Avedon


What is your favourite band right now?

Depens on my mood.

My favourite band will always be Queen, nobody els then Freddie Mercury can make me do an embarrassing karaoke…

I grew up with blues music so there is a bunch I could put on the list aswell.

But I mostely listen to minimal techno dj’s, Riccardo villalobos is one of my favourites… and Romania got it all.


What is your “guilty pleasure”-music? 

ABBA! I also listen to punk music where I dont understand what the heck they are singing about now and then.


 What is your favourite city?

Paris and Mexico DF, I always feel like home in Mexico DF even though I suck at spanish.

Paris is….Paris.


Book/movie/event that changed your life?

Nothing “material” ever chanced my life… I supose I really cant call it material but people around me do that.

Taveling changed my life.


Where are you in 5 years

I do have goals and I know what I want with my future but I dident know where I will be 5 years ago and it’s hard to say where I am in 5 years.




















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