Happy Halloween!

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Malik Winslow

Major Model Management

Photographer – Gunnar Tufta + Makeup – Chichi Saito @ art dept for MAC Cosmetics  + Hair – Naoko Suzuki

Fashion Fanzine Says!


Most important rule for girls…be the slutty version of anything and everything ie. slutty witch, slutty pumpkin, slutty ghost., slutty Elsa the princess, slutty slut.

Guys must Cross Dress….. be a real horrible, shitty version of a woman and act really put out and obnoxiously silly even though you’ve always wanted to try it!

Take forever to put your awesome, extra, unique costume together so by the time you finally get somewhere to show it off everyone has already left.


Say fuck it and last minute crowd into Ricky’s and get whatever shitty costume is left. Like the parrot or pirate or afro wig.

No…. don’t buy an afro wig. Afros and Dreadlocks do not constitute a “costume”. Not a good idea to dress as an  Indian or Native American?

How to do Chichi Saito’s Amazing Horror Makeup !

1 Apply white paint(ben nye cl1 white) to the face

2 apply loose powder(mac invisible) to the face 

3 shading eye and mouth line to cheek line use mac taupe color 

4 draw the teeth line by black liner(MAC blacktrack) by skinny brush 

5 paint the teeth with white paint to make 3d


666 HAVE FUN !!!

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