Burberry’s “Beauty Essentials” Campaign

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Burberry just launched it’s latest campaign presenting the new “Beauty Essentials” line.

The “Beauty Essentials” collection is all about Burberry‘s key products to achieve a flawless make up look in a super easy and quick way, focusing on bright skin, defined cheeks and natural lips.

Burberry‘s latest line features products such as the “Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base” face primer and the “Lip Colour Contour” pencils for eyes, cheeks and lips,

Thanks to her young and fresh face, Burberry chose Iris Law as the face of “Beauty Essentials”  campaign, and the the 16-year-old model is captured while wearing a super natural make up that enhances her beauty and embodies “Beauty Essentials” collection philosophy.



About the “Beauty Essentials”  line, Burberry make-up artistic consultant Wendy Rowe said:

Burberry is known for its signature nudes and natural, glowing skin.

The Essentials is an edit of must-have products that everyone can use to effortlessly enhance their features and achieve a flawless Burberry glow.”

All images by: Burberry