Hydra Life: Dior’s New Skincare Line

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Dior just lunched a new skincare line called “Hydra Life”, that is all about hydration and flawless skin.

 Hydra Life mixes together moisture and eco-friendly packaging, presenting a range of products that aim to fight dull texture and dry skin thanks to haberlea that stimulates skin flora to help activate its natural defenses and mallow from the Dior Gardens that deeply moisturises the skin.

The Hydra Life line is divided in Cleanse&Prime products like “Lotion To Foam Cleanser” and Activate products like “Sorbet Creme” and “Sorbet Water”, and it promises to give skin freshness and long-lasting moisture.

For Dior’s campaign, models Frederikke Sofie and Sora Choi are lensed by Cass Bird while featuring Hydra Life products in a youthful and fresh atmosphere.




Dior describes the Hydra Life line as:

The Dior Hydra Life range is also based on a discovery made by the Dior science teams: the skin flora, present on the fourth layer of the skin, is essential to its natural beauty. For the first time, the skin is considered as a living organ in its entirety.”




All images by: Dior