Gucci Presents its Resort 2018 Collection in Florence

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Gucci‘s Creative Director Alessandro Michele presented his 2018 Gucci Cruise Collection in beautiful Florence, Italy.

Alessandro Michele chose Palazzo Pitti as the setting of his latest fashion show because Florence is the symbol of Renaissance and he wanted to present his collection in a space that reflects luxury, excess and elegance .

Gucci presented a Renaissance inspired collection, but of course the Italian brand created a new version of Renaissance, mixing together Renaissance classic style with 70’s style, 80’s style, Rock’n’Roll vibes as well as contemporary style and aesthetic.

Alessandro Michele for its Resort 2018 Collection combined together different textures, volumes, designs and lines, spacing from denim, to leather, bold shoulders, loud patterns and refined embroideries.

So Gucci‘s latest collection, includes extravagant pieces such as: 60s palazzo pantsuits in psychedelic print, Renaissance inspired sweeping gowns, embroidered jackets, quilted coats, metallic pantsuits, silky maxi dresses in bright fuchsia, 80’s inspired denim shorts, puffy sleeves, as well as lots of pieces with the iconic Gucci logo.

About the show and the concept behind it, Alessandro Michele declared:

At the beginning, everything started in the Mediterranean, the Greek and Roman cultures. But we couldn’t have Athens, so I went to the next big step in civilization, the Renaissance, so we came here to Florence, the fascinating metropolis of the past, the place which had the power of big money.”

All images by: Gucci