Jacquemus and Bad Bunny

This weekend on Jacquemus social media, the designer left us waiting for the new face for his latest campaign.

In the stories, he said that one of his favorite artists would be the surprise element for presenting his new collection. The campaign was revealed this Monday with the artist at the moment no other than the rapper Bad Bunny.

We can appreciate a very LA vision with a spring climate enjoying the sun and heat in the photographs. The clothes, our central theme, are pastel and tropical colors, making us yearn for the spring break and wear those looks where the main garments are shorts and matching suits.

A genderless clothing line is presented as soon as we see the singer in a dress and heels. Bad Bunny has always been an artist who experiments and is open to any style or type of clothing, and its versatility and daring are admired. He wears a pink vest that resembles a lifeguard, a delight on this occasion, and we love it!


Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: Jacquemus

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