Loewe: start again collection

Jonathan Anderson was on a mission to mark his comeback show at Loewe with a massive creative shift. For the designer, it is a time of experimentation. There must be a time for a new aesthetic to be born. Start again.

The catwalk was held in a “white space.” For starters, we see three long black dresses, each with a metal frame underneath pushing a different 3D geometric shape from the stomach, shoulder and hip. These dresses present us with a collection that becomes a sample of moving sculptures.

The layers of fabric are raised to create figures such as wings at the shoulders or openings in the pants at the knee, new proposals that work very well in this experimental theme. There was also a conceptual reworking of taffeta sports tracksuits. As for shoes, there were heels made in a surreal way with birthday candles, bottles of nail polish, a candle, and a rose.

It is a great and very adventurous collection that pleases the critical eye of fashion.

Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: Vogue Sarah Mower

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