Paco Rabanne: Glamorous party

The collection invites us to a party where the girls play to dress up in a glamorous style, full of glitter and jewels. It is quite a fun and “french-y” collection. Julien Dossena, creative director, mentions that the proposal is party clothing for the next six months.

The optimism of this collection is inspired by the desire for ending the curfew in Paris. It is also a throwback to the times where your parents did not let you go out at night when you were a teenager but you dream of how it would be, so you have fun creating your style and identity.

The salient pieces are the ones with large white collars in velvet dresses and a Shetland sweater, lace necklines with ruffled English embroidery, tweed coats and jewels, jewels and jewels. Surely you will love this vibrant collection. We wish great parties to arise soon.

Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: Vogue Mower

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