Tombogo: a brand to follow

Tombogo, the brand’s new collection is a must-see. From the catwalk to the details in the fabric, there are many flashes of creativity.

The catwalk happened on the balcony of a building in the enigmatic New York City. Models walk on a treadmill behind plastic, and a perfect landscape is drawn for the walks that you could take wearing any piece of the collection.

This collection has to be one of our favorites, a palette of warm colors on the coziest pieces that we could imagine. Jackets and pants with multiple pockets, even the shoes have pockets. Their amazing bags, briefcases, and backpacks are ideal for bringing whatever you want with you. Garments for girls are comfortable, and similarly to the other outfits, they present bulky trousers and plush bucket hats.

Our favorites are knitted vests and sweaters. Tombogo is a brand to follow if you like streetwear and are looking for something new.

Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: Tombogo

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