Christian Cowan collection is just glamorous

Glam, feathers, stars, extravaganza, and more are what this newest Christian Cowan collection offers, and we love every piece and all the bright.  The British designer said he wanted it to be many different women heading to the same party, and we got that vibe. 

One popular look was carried on by Teddy Quinlivan, wearing a black and lavender checked miniskirt and matching cropped jacket. For the rest of the line, we can see short miniskirts, waist-length jackets, mini dresses, see-throughs, asymmetrical and star-shaped cuts -our favorites- and many, many feathers. The color palette combines pastel colors with blacks that contrast perfectly.

A standout was an all-black look, a pompous dress with the top in the shape of 2 stars, glamorous yet straightforward but modern, everything on this one.

Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: Vogue

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