ERL pret-a-porter spring 2022

ERL brand of Eli Russell Linnetz has become the line of the moment because of his capacity to world-build.

Linnetz described his spring 2022 mood as “a romantic blowing in the winding journey across all parts of America”. And now, in its entire fourth season with Dover Street Market Paris, it’s not just clothes, a way of being.  

The designer himself took the photographs in this collection. These have a nostalgic or vintage vibe. More than one garment reminds us of high school movies from the late 90s and early 2000s; garments reflect the typical student clothing, the prints, the cuts, and sports uniforms. 

The primary material of this collection was denim. What we loved the most are the oversize shoes and jeans in different blues. They have a touch of grunge and free spirit and also some camp vibe. Colors and fabrics are the attractive aspects to look for in this youthful and relaxed collection.

Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: Vogue Steff Yotka

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