Gaspard Ulliel, French cinema’s face forever. 

Many within the world of fashion immediately associate Gaspard Ulliel’s face with the promotional material for Chanel of the Bleu fragrance, consequently becoming an ambassador of the brand. His position as representative of the brand was stunning. However, today we want to recognize the actor’s work by remembering the projects that, in our opinion, frame the artist’s potential.

Among his most emblematic films, it is worth seeing “Yves Saint Laurent” from 2014, which illuminates the contrast between professional success with the shudder of his sentimental life during the years 1967 to 1976. Another must-see is “Juste la fin du monde” released in 2016, which narrates the return of a writer to his hometown after many years with the sole purpose of telling his family about his terminal illness and his upcoming death. We get to know the stories and family feelings for him throughout the plot. A visual gem with impeccable performances.

Without a doubt, he is, was, and will be one of the most popular and talented faces of French cinema. For this year, we have at least two films pending and a third one to be announced on a release date to experience the remarkable capacity of such a great actor.

Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: IMDb, Chanel

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