Moschino decor

The decor of the most elegant baroque room comes to life thanks to the new Moschino collection by Jeremy Scott. Indeed, to more than one, this collection reminds us of the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” in particular Lumiere or Din don.

And it is because if anyone can transform a watch or a wardrobe into a piece of clothing and even do it in a fun and sexy way, that is Jeremy Scott.

A series of  tailored suits walked the runway when suddenly we see pieces with a print that alludes to drawers. Bella Hadid enters the runway in a black dress with a door lock-shaped neckline, immediately Gigi appears in a brown dress that reminds us of the chest of drawers from the aforementioned film. Among the most exuberant items, we find headdresses in the form of a lampshade, a chandelier, a harp-dress with strings made of basins, a fantasy without a doubt.

Aside from the extravagance, our favorite touches were the use of red velvet in several pieces and the closing show of Jeremy dressed as an astronaut, a designer who never ceases to amaze.

Text: Daniela Pintor

Info and photo: Vogue

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