7 Shoe Brands That Know How To Do Nudes Right

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The naked truth here is not pretty: fashion has a diversity problem, and the use of the word “nude” as it pertains to color palettes is just one example. For far too long, the footwear market has offered a restrictive interpretation of the shade as being very light, and very beige — excluding a tremendous number of female shoppers while simultaneously favoring one skin tone over all others. When it comes to flesh-colored footwear, Christian Louboutin was among the first to address this issue with a debut collection he hoped would provide more options for women looking to match their stilettos to their skin tones. It’s a category Louboutin has continued to develop and expand since its 2013 launch, and as the designer makes strides towards a more inclusive industry, a few brands have taken to following in his red-bottomed footsteps. Ahead, find a list that we’ll continue to update featuring companies that really know how to do nudes.

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