Allbirds announces new Sustainability measures

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Allbirds announces new Sustainability measures

Allbirds has announced plans to implement new sustainability measures of increasing transparency by labeling its carbon footprint.

The New Zealand-American footwear company will become the first fashion label to mark every single one of its products with a corresponding carbon footprint number just like nutrition labels on food. The new addition will be in line with the brand’s continued mission to be both an industry leader and maintain accountability in its production process.

‘At Allbirds, we believe that climate change is the most important challenge of our time. Given that human-made greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly warming our planet, we’ve prioritized carbon dioxide reduction as the most important metric for our business,’ Allbirds’ co-CEO Joey Zwillinger said ina statement.

The company believes that knowing its carbon dioxide equivalent emissions to create each of its products is the first step towards driving its Carbon Footprint to zero. A standard sneaker has a carbon footprint of 12.5 kg CO2e and the average carbon footprint of all of our products is 7.6 kg CO2e. Through the new measures, the brands say they’re looking beyond carbon neutrality, and hopes to make their business carbon negative. Until then they will be investing in offsets to fund projects that neutralize their footprint.

Given that human-produced carbon is the leading cause of climate change, Allbirds hopes that through the new sustainability measures it has adopted the rest of the fashion industry follows suit.

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