Fashion Was My Favorite Character In Normal People

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The show’s Emmy nominated costume designer, Lorna Marie Mugan, also created the ensembles for Peaky Blinders, a series in which the only thing better than the clothes are Cillian Murphy’s piercing blue eyes. Naturally, she threw herself into this role, too, creating exactly the kind of normal wardrobes that you’d expect for a story such as the one that plays out in Normal People. So, sadly, there won’t be any straight-off-the-runway moments. But, that makes sense for what the show is, so I’ll get over it. Marianne didn’t show up to a nightclub in small town Ireland wearing Paco Rabanne. Because, why would she? However, in a later scene, she did wear a chain link dress and scarf combination that was reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s (and then later Kendall Jenner’s) silver cowl-neck mini dress from her 21st birthday party.

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