From a suffragette, bar owner and lesbian to a musician or even

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Illustrator Tiffany Beucher was commissioned by Eurostar’s Metropolitan Magazine to create six colourful and bold ‘Baddass women of Amsterdam’ illustrations for a feature highlighting their various tales and accomplishments:

Joan of Constantinople ruled Flanders from the age of six until her death in 1245
Frieda Belinfante was a Dutch cellist, conductor, a prominent lesbian and a member of the Dutch resistance during World War II.
Bet van Beeren was a flamboyant, legendary bar owner in Amsterdam.
Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs was a Dutch physician and women’s suffrage activist. As the first woman officially to attend a Dutch university, she became one of the first female physicians in the Netherlands
Judith Jans Leyster was a Dutch Golden Age painter. She painted genre works, portraits and still lifes
Johanna Elisabeth (Joke) Smit was a well-known Dutch feminist and politician in the 1970s.

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