Instagram’s Favorite Pajama Brand Released A New Collection Of Nightgown Wedding Dresses

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“We wanted to create something that came from [a] child’s drawings — from the time when we imagined ourselves as brides wearing lace, curtain veils at our grandmothers’ country houses,” Sleeper founders, Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, shared in the press release. “We wanted to make this naive, childhood fantasy come true.” To do so, the brand’s founders tapped artists Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko to create the campaign, shot on the shore of the Black Sea. “We created decorations that took us back to childhood: A bed-sheet castle, [a] real wedding Cadillac, [a] guest table, and golden crowns made of tinfoil,” said Reva in the release. “Play, sincerity, and naivety are the emotions we wanted to evoke by our set-design. We immersed the film crew into childhood, where everything is real if you believe it to be.” 

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