Mango releases its first-ever recycled collection

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Mango releases its first-ever recycled collection

Spanish retailer Mango has launched its most sustainable capsule collection yet.

Titled “Second Chances” the capsule comprises of jeans and denim jacket for both men and women which has been made from made of 20 percent recycled denim and 80 percent sustainable cotton.

According to Mango, the garments have less impact on the environment and it collects the recycled fibers through its ‘Second Chances’ project. ‘The garments collected are classified in order to give them a second life and, depending on their condition, can be converted into yarn, recycled for alternative uses such as sofa stuffing, or burned in order to generate energy,’ the brand said in a press release.

Mango had implemented the in-store garment recycling project four years ago and collected more than 32 tons of clothing, through 420 containers distributed in all of its 80 national stores throughout Spain and 17 in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Garments collected at these stores are classified according to their composition and condition into more than 50 categories in order to ensure they all receive a second chance. The ready-to-wear label also uses a dyeing process which saves 85% of water.

Mango’s ‘Second Chances’ collection is now available online at

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