So You’ve Been Told That Your Skinny Jeans Are Lame…

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All this is to say that, when skinny jeans first came around in the mid-‘00s, they were a revelation. They accentuated the butt without exposing it. Suddenly hemlines could remain clean and unchewed, and show off our boots rather than be destroyed by them. And while some — notably, moms — were scandalized by how tight skinny jeans were, I was just thrilled about not having my buttcrack out and my midsection on display. Nevertheless, it wasn’t an instantaneous fit: For one, it took me, a straight-size shopper that has no shortage of options, a few tries to find a pair that both fit my larger hips and smaller waist. I stopped wearing high-tops after being unable to overcome how monstrously clown-like my feet looked in them without a bootcut hem to cover the shoes. Still, in my eyes, they were a huge upgrade from the jeans I had been wearing.

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