These Fancy Rubber Clogs Are The Ultimate Dog Walking Shoe

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In November, following an especially filling helping of Thanksgiving leftovers, I sat down to peruse Zara’s Black Friday sale and immediately zeroed in on a pair of clogs. They were tan, bulky-looking, and made of rubber. The pair in question, called “Lightweight Sport Sole Clogs,” brought to mind Bottega Veneta’s now-famous — or, infamous, if you ask some — bulbous, ankle-height Puddle Boots, minus the boot part and the $650 price tag. (At the time, Zara’s iteration cost $35.90, though, they all sold out after being discounted to under-$10.) They also resembled classic Crocs, albeit slightly chicer, thanks to muted colorways and a lifted sole, and featuring no holes. 

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