Valley Girl Remake Features The Best — And Funniest — ‘80s Fashion

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In a delightfully kitschy aerobics dance scene, the film zeroes in on possibly the most cringe-worthy trend of the ‘80s: leotards, paired with neon tights and leg warmers. Lieberman knew that she would have to find new pieces to put on the actors, with no workout clothes from the era being able to withstand the years on a shelf. “There is a vintage store in Long Beach called Meow, and it was one of my first stops when I got the job because it has a lot of deadstock, meaning there are things from the actual time period that are new,” she says. “I called and asked if [Meow owner Kathleen Schaaf] had any leotard deadstock, and she had a box, and we used a lot of that. We also made some leotards ourselves from some great fabric we found. There are some places that still will sell the great high-rise, shiny pink tights, so we kind of pieced it all together.” The result was a perfectly coordinated kaleidoscope of teal, fuchsia, and pink, all wrapped with elastic headbands and scrunchies, and set to a mash-up of “Material Girl,” “Just Can’t Get Enough,” and “Tainted Love.”

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