Why Do So Many Outfit Selfies Feature This Mirror?

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More than just spaces we live and work, our homes also send the message of who we are to the outside world in a way that our clothes once did. While, previously, we communicated our style to our colleagues and acquaintances through our outfits, now we do so via our homes’ interiors. About six months ago, I redecorated my living room after realizing that the hastily put-up artwork I’d hung a few years ago — that appeared behind me in Zoom meetings — didn’t reflect my actual style to my colleagues, like my shoes once did. (If it were possible, I would also likely move my organized-by-color bookshelf, though, frankly, they are reflective of my personality; I require order and cohesiveness on the outside, even if it takes me forever to find a book when searching by author name.)

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