With Hill House Vintage, Paula Sutton Has Become 2020’s Favorite Influencer

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“Until this year, [the Instagram account had] a nice slow, steady, growth. It was comfortable, it was manageable, it was controllable. I felt I knew who my audience were, I recognized so many of them,” she says. When her mother passed away from leukemia at the beginning of 2020, Sutton traveled to the Caribbean island of Grenada  — where her parents are from and moved back to after 30 years in England — for the funeral. “One of the things that took my father’s mind off everything was my Instagram account. I was just about to hit 100,000 followers, and my father was my biggest champion, going, ‘You’ve got to get that 100,000, you’ve to get the 100,000.’ And we thought that was the pinnacle of everything,” she says, laughing. “When I arrived back, I hit 100,000, and, just to get my mind off the sadness, I threw myself into creating pictures. There are more images of me in them, because, as the spring starts, it’s lovely to be in the garden and it’s nice to wear a pretty frock. Of course, there’s that one image that sparked everything.”

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