Laurence Stevens

Creative Director / Head Designer


As a teenager Laurence had 6 main influences that would go on to shape his
whole life.
Punk Rock, Dirk Bogarde, Laurel and Hardy, B+W Fashion Photography, the
electronic band Kraftwerk and the Bauhaus Design Movement.

As the designer+creative director for world renown musical artists such as Eurythmics, Morrissey, Sleeper, Annie Lennox, MUSE Laurence created iconic album sleeve designs.

Moving his focus from music to fashion, Laurence joined Fashion Fanzine as Creative Director and Head Designer in 2015, ensuring the successful release of issue #01. The Magazine is based in NY with Laurence working from his studio in London bringing the “London creative touch”.

Over the last few years, Laurence has concentrated on working with a number of fine art Photographers as well as new fashion and music clients. Working together with the artists, Laurence is taking his exquisite taste
and vision forward designing exhibitions, catalogues and art books.