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Recently H&M held a party on the rooftop of Electric in Paris. The 2,500 people who attended enjoyed a skateboard ramp, table football, Parisian food trucks, and a pop-up store while grooving to hip-hop performances. Among the outfits at the music block party, ‘90s fashion seemed to be the hottest trend. Will this summer be summer of the ‘90s?


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Comfortable, yet fashionable, this woman opted for a black tank with matching high-waisted black pants. The white canvas tote gives the outfit a hint of light, making this the perfect basic look for a summer party.

Pictured mid-swing, this guy is doing ‘90s fashion right! He wore circular blue shades, an orange fitted jacket with a black and tribal printed accented t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans

90s grunge, the girl pictured on the left wore her hair in pig tails, an oversized white mid-sleeve shirt, leather shorts, chunky sandals, and a side purse. The girl pictured left wore her hair half up in a bun with a headband tied around her forehead, a long necklace, printed half tee, denim shorts, a large coat, and a pair of old sneakers.

doing ‘90s fashion right!


Gazing into the camera, these men looked dapper as ever. One opted for a printed button-down, tucked into low rise black denim, leather flat shoes, ray-ban sunglasses, and a tiny fedora. The other chose a minimalist color scheme with an oversized white zipper-accent t-shirt, black pants, white sneakers, and a backwards baseball cap.

‘90s grunge outfits. A simple black tee, ripped black jeans, a wide-brimmed black hat, and a red, white, and blue flannel tied around his waist.

Taking a modern spin on ‘90s fashion, with a purple and orange bird patterned white quarter-sleeved shirt that she tucked into a pair of blue high-waisted jeans. She simply accessorised with silver hoop earrings and a black side-purse.

The ‘90s were all about prints, and these two covered the print spectrum. One chose a matching geometric print button down tee with shorts and circular sunglasses, while the other chose a dark green tee and faded striped shorts.

Fashion rat pack, the coolest kids in town! The girl on the far left wore a white with green accented crop sweater with matching white pants. The girl next to her wore a simple black low-cut tank with a denim button down, dark denim, and a beanie hat. The guy in the middle wore a black and light blue blazer, white printed tee, and a pair of regular-washed denim. Next to him, the girl opted for messy beach waves, an orange velour turtle neck with a skinny keyhole detail, white trousers, and a printed clutch. Finally, the guy on the far right wore a red statement jacket over a wide-collared white button down, and light washed jeans.

The pictures say it all, ‘90s fashion is back



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