MAC Team Up With Giambattista Valli

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MAC Teamed Up With Giambattista Valli for New Lipstick Shades


The makeup company, MAC, has virtually teamed up with every big name in fashion to produce richer and bolder shades for the everyday woman. This time MAC teamed up with women’s fashion designer (and expert), Giambattista Valli to create five floral themed matte lipsticks.





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“It’s very much like the DNA of my floral visual. I have always liked floral embellishments on clothes, on this idea of this woman. So I always like to pick up colors from the nature—that’s my kind of idea of beauty,” Giambattista Valli told StyleCaster.


The collection takes on a modern appeal of the classic pink and red shades. There’s also a crystal glaze gloss which is crafted to alter the finish of the lipstick from a matte texture to a layer of shininess. Thus, transforming the collection from five different looks, to ten.

What’s the best part of this collection? The color of the lipstick container is the exact shade of the lipstick.  Valli stated, “I see women carrying three or four lipsticks in their bag, and they have to open each one to see the color and decide which one to wear. I love the practicality of matching the packaging to the color so a woman can easily just grab it out of her bag.” Finally, a man who understands a woman’s struggle.

You can find the Giambattista Valli for MAC lipstick priced at $18 per lipstick and $23 for the gloss starting on July 9th!




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